Conference Program

The program will delve into key issues for the AIPM membership and project managers across Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region. The impacts of the Australian Government’s Innovation and Science Agenda on the nation’s economic growth and development will be a key feature of the main plenary sessions.  Future trends in Project Management will be explored,   presentations on decision making and cultural intelligence will provide delegates with a competitive advantage for both local and international projects and  project case studies will be presented to provide the opportunity for delegates to learn from others experiences.

Key themes include;

  • strategy implementation
  • the project manager’s toolbox
  • future proofing  project management through enhanced resilience and sustainability
  • building individuals’ capabilities to help them “Stand out from the crowd”

These topics and more will be explored in a conference program packed with distinguished local and international speakers.  As always the program will include presentations from academics and industry leaders who will focus on the latest research and case studies relevant to project management.



Program Sessions

Day 1
16 Oct 2016
Day 2
17 Oct 2016
Day 3
18 Oct 2016
Day 4
19 Oct 2016

Registration Open

Level 3 Grand Ballroom Foyer

Summit 1 – Young and Emerging Project Professionals (YEPP)

In 2020, Millennials will make up nearly half the employees in the world*. This Summit will cover what we need to be thinking about and doing now to prepare for...
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Summit 2 – Asia Pacific

In this Summit we will be looking at the international project management environment.  We will dive in to what challenges project management professionals face working across borders and cultures. Sustainable...
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Murray Gough
Michael Young FAIPM CPPD

Summit 3 – Managing Complex Projects

Project management is evolving in response to the dynamic business environment. Technological, societal and ways of doing business on a global scale all contribute to the accelerating of change and...
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Dr Erin Evans PhD MBA
18:00 - 20:00

Welcome Reception – Level 3 foyer

Registration Open

Level 3 Grand Ballroom Foyer

Conference Welcome

Conference MC:  John Mangos, News presenter, Seven Network
John Mangos

Conference Opening

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d)
10:15 - 10:45

Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition

Concurrent Session 1B – Future Proofing: Academic Presentation

Developing capability and careers in a flexible project workplace When you think about developing the capability of your project workforce, what do you think of first ?  Employees, or the community...
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Lynn Crawford

Concurrent Session 1C – PM Toolkit

Governing project, programme, portfolio performance and ROI No organization would start a project or programmme to fail, but one in five does, according to The Standish Group International. More than...
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Harold Petersen

Concurrent Session 1D – Standing out from the crowd: Academic Presentation

Risky stakeholders: Exploring the connection between risks and stakeholders Projects and programs are a framework within which people work to create outcomes intended to benefit other people and their organisations....
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Dr Lynda Bourne

Concurrent Session 2A – Strategy implementation: Academic Presentation

The status quo of project portfolio management practices in Australian sectors In modern organisations, strategic alignment and benefits realisation are the most important aspects for organisational management when making decision...
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Jantanee Dumrak
Nick Hadjinicolaou MAIPM

Concurrent Session 2B – Future Proofing

Concept of development: Russian national voluntary assessment system for competence of industrial enterprises in the field of project management
Alexandr Tovb

Concurrent Session 2C – PM Toolkit

Agile – a journey In August 2015 the IT Delivery Team at [company name] kicked off an ‘Agile Transition Project’  to design and implement an Agile practice for the delivery...
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Cate Hilliard

Concurrent Session 2D– Standing out from the crowd

The conscious project leader – how to be consistently successful The best projects are a result of the person that leads it or the environment they create. These projects are...
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Colin Ellis

Concurrent Session 3A – Strategy implementation

Why project management in the public sector must embrace change management at an operational level The presentation will describe the changing face of the NSW Public Sector Project Manager –...
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Isabel Gray-Garraway MAIPM CPPM

Concurrent Session 3B– Future Proofing

The elephant in the boom – are we future proofing project management? The logic and method driven world in which project management was founded is under threat. The innovation boom...
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Julia Steel MAIPM CPPD

Concurrent Session 3C – PM Toolkit

Driving Project Success with Data
Phil Goulstone

Concurrent Session 3D – Standing out from the crowd

Sri Lanka Case Study: strengthening Project Management Capability in a developing business environment.
Murray Gough
12:15 - 13:05

Lunch and Trade Exhibition

Sponsor message from Ensemble Consulting Group

Ensemble is a proud sponsor of AIPM 2016 National Conference. CEO David Hodes looks forward to addressing the plenary session.
David Hodes

Excellent Management – Excellent Results

The Department of Human Services is the Australian Government’s focal point for delivering social and health-related services and payments to the Australian community. It is responsible for the design, development,...
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Kathryn Campbell

Concurrent Session 4A – Strategy implementation: Academic Presentation

The role of strategic leadership in aligning strategy execution processes and project management methodologies No business leader today can deny that every business is not only becoming more complex but...
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Richard Busulwa

Concurrent Session 4B – Future Proofing: Academic Presentation

Why may public infrastructure projects over-promise likely outcomes The prevailing approach to project success compares an ex-post outcome with the ex-ante plan. Nonetheless, success is unlikely to realise if the...
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Hamzeh Zarei

Concurrent Session 4C – PM Toolkit

Getting real value from Project Risk Management The International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000 describes itself as a guide. Its application varies widely across organisations. This is to be expected...
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Gavin Halling MAIPM

Concurrent Session 4D – Standing out from the crowd

Negotiation across genders and cultures “Learning to negotiate with cross-cultural intelligence involves awareness of the other party’s style, values and vested interests.” Learning outcomes: Participants will learn how to negotiate...
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Alice Crawley

Concurrent Session 5A – Strategy implementation

Planning for success; translation of $1.2Bn capital plan into an holistic program delivery strategy Abstract Background A small team of project management professionals were tasked with translating a water utility’s...
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Graeme Pugh

Concurrent Session 5B– Future Proofing

Ensuring collaboration delivers tangible benefits project alliancing and Critical Chain Project Management. (CCPM) In 1997 the book “Critical Chain” was published, introducing the world to CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management)....
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Robert Bolton

Concurrent Session 5C – PM Toolkit

Come, listen, enjoy and learn about how project management governance successfully prevented a possible project disaster. From 300km per hour wind to 300,000 volts, challenges can come from anywhere. This...
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Stuart Elkins MAIPM CPPM

Concurrent Session 5D – Standing out from the crowd

Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza – Using stakeholder engagement/communications to build project value proposition The Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza project was akin to performing open heart surgery...
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Lauren McGrath
John Dyson
15:00 - 15:45

Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition

AIPM AGM sign in

Please note that all AIPM members will need to download the 2016 AIPM Inaugural Regional Conference app from iTunes or the Google Play Store in order to be able to...
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Australian Institute of Project Management – Annual General Meeting

Please note that all AIPM members will need to download the 2016 AIPM Inaugural Regional Conference app from iTunes or the Google Play Store in order to be able to...
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17:00 - 19:00

Happy Hour Research Showcase – Level 3 foyer

Registration Open

Level 3 Grand Ballroom Foyer

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

It’s now generally accepted that Australia’s future is intimately bound up with Asia. There are economic, strategic and obvious geographic reasons why this is so. Consequently, the conversation has shifted...
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Dr Margaret Byrne
10:15 - 10:45

Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition

Concurrent Session 6A – Strategy implementation

Submarine Maintenance Capability Transformation at ASC – turning strategy into outcomes ASC is the main industry partner for the Collins Class Submarine Enterprise, working in partnership with the Royal Australian...
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Martin Childs

Concurrent Session 6B – Future Proofing: Academic Presentation

The Project Management Office: Issues in deployment of PMO’s in Australia Over the years, many institutions have established ‘Project Management Offices’ (PMOs) to provide high level advice and support for...
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Anthony Wood MAIPM CPPD

Concurrent Session 6C – PM Toolkit

Resilience considerations in project management Over the last century, a number of events have forced organisations globally to respond and recover from emergencies that have severely impacted on their enterprises. Catastrophes...
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Adam Byrne

Concurrent Session 6D– Standing out from the crowd

Lead your voice to victory; deliver vibrant presentations that connect with and create change When it comes to delivering presentations, how can project managers quickly connect with, and create change...
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Anna Perdriau MAIPM CPPD

Concurrent Session 7A – Strategy implementation: Academic Presentation

A review of strategic outcomes of Public-Private Partnerships in Australia Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s) are cooperative arrangements between private construction firms with the government covering major Australian construction projects. Inasmuch as...
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Assoc Prof Peter Gibson
Aftab Siddiqui MAIPM

Concurrent Session 7B – Future Proofing

The policy/project nexus: lessons learned from a policy implementation project.  
Fiona Margetts MAIPM

Concurrent Session 7C – PM Toolkit

“Earned Value Management (EVM) is not the “be-all” and “end-all” but sh*t it’s close!” Steve Pirie has had over 20 years of industry experience across the globe in implementation of...
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Stephen Pirie MAIPM

Concurrent Session 7D – Standing out from the crowd: Academic Presentation

Change resistance factors are more than disgruntled employees or poor process The origins of resistance research began 70 years ago with the concept of groups made up of individuals, where...
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Mathew Donald MAIPM

Concurrent Session 8A – Strategy implementation

Execution excellence – the 7 secrets to successful strategy implementation Strategy implementation involves the translation of strategy into organisational action through organisational structure and design, resource planning and the management...
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Michael Young FAIPM CPPD

Concurrent Session 8B – Future Proofing

Capability development of consultant project managers – a future proofing case study Contraction in the engineering and construction industry in Australia has meant increased competition for available projects.  Value for...
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Timothy Swain MAIPM

Concurrent Session 8C – PM Toolkit

Plans or planning.  Where do you stand? Dwight D. Eisenhower, once said “I find plans useless, but planning indispensible”.  General Von Moltke, stated “No battle plan survives first contact with...
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Robert McMartin MAIPM

Concurrent Session 8D – Standing out from the crowd

Job readiness, capability development
Dr Ross Yates
12:15 - 13:15

Lunch and Trade Exhibition

Keynote Presentation – Decision Making for Project Managers

Much research has been published on an individual’s reasoning and decision making process. The most common approaches discussed being inductive and deductive. Personal biases or intuitive responses also impact our...
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Dr Rob Kay

Concurrent Session 9A – Strategy implementation

Programme management in its context – setting a programme into perspective All projects, and programmes in particular, are not isolated objects which require realisation on time and budget only. To...
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Martin R Sedlmayer

Concurrent Session 9B – Future Proofing: Academic Presentation

National public projects implementation system as a tool for public policy implementation National Public Projects Implementation System (NPPIS) is a set of regulations, processes, methodologies, practices, institutions, vendors, project managers...
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Dr Stanislaw Gasik

Concurrent Session 9C – PM Toolkit

With lives at stake, can you afford to not have a predictive risk analysis methodology? On the face of it mathematical modelling and remote health care have little in common....
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Associate Professor Bruce Northcote
Grant Matthews

Concurrent Session 9D – Standing out from the crowd

Building capability in Project Management using a project leadership regime – making choices This is the final of five papers developing the argument that ‘Building Capability’ within Project Management will...
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Concurrent Session 10A – Strategy implementation

From Practitioner to Conductor The evolving role of the project professional in the ever more complex world of global business, requiring virtuosity, agility and a healthy dose of EQ  ....
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Philip Barfield

Concurrent Session 10B – Future Proofing

Project Managers as City Builders North Point Quay: the one that got away
Chris Carman

Concurrent Session 10C – PM Toolkit

Data capture efficiency for renewals programs Everyone wants to get the work done and move on to the next job. It’s human nature. In a Local Government Authority such as...
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Steve Walker MAIPM CPPD

Concurrent Session 10D – Standing out from the crowd

Formal organisational networks and informal project networks: implications for project performance Project work is significantly affected by organisational social complexity, which can make action and effective communication challenging especially where...
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Ekaterina Anichenko
15:15 - 15:45

Afternoon tea and Trade Exhibition

PLENARY SESSION – The world of projects – projects for the world

Last year IPMA celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Since IPMA´s kick-off our world has changed dramatically. Projects play an increasingly important role, for businesses, public services, charities as well as for...
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Reinhard Wagner

Keynote Presentation

Professionalising Project Management
Steve Wake

Plenary Session – The Future: Learning from Mistakes

Peter Shergold AC “Contemplating the past, I have discovered that I’m able to learn more from the failures I suffered as a public sector CEO than from the successes I...
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Peter Shergold AC
19:00 - 19:30

Pre Dinner Drinks

19:00 - 23:30

National Project Management Achievement Awards Dinner

Registration Open

Level 3 Grand Ballroom Foyer

Panel Session – Creating Australia’s Innovators of the future

Re-engineering Australia Foundation. Empowering students and inspiring them to learn. The end result is a new education paradigm with young people gaining complex skills far beyond their years through accelerating...
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10:45 - 11:15

Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition

World Cafe – The Project Management Value Chain

One of our most exciting initiatives this year is the inclusion of our first ever World Café in the conference program. The World Café is a highly impactful method of...
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James Bawtree

“Fake It ’til You Make It” – Interactive session hosted by National Institute of Dramatic Art

We aspire to achieve a genuine connection with people in our lives – at home and at work. Being open and authentic in the way we interact with one another...
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Les Chantery
13:15 - 14:00

Lunch and Trade Exhibition

Keynote Presentation – Leading the charge, the critical role of project management in delivering an industry changing transformation

CSC is undertaking a revolutionary transformation globally. The merger with UXC has already created a 6000+ organisation. The planned merger with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Enterprise Services business is well underway....
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Seelan Nayagam

Please note AIPM reserve the right to update the program if required.